2014 Men’s Div 5 Pennant Winners

Men’s Division 5 (Section 2 Team) wins the Club’s only Pennant this 2014 Season. After qualifying second in their section the team travelled to Maroochydore to do battle with Pelican Waters in the Semi Final.

Evenly matched early in the game, the rinks skipped by Richard Harvey and Peter Wright drew away, ensuring a play-off in the afternoon’s final against Pacific Paradise.

The final was played East – West direction on Maroochy Beach’s front green (opposite from the game against Pelican Waters). Reserve player Max Wilson was chosen to replace Vince Coyne in Mark Prosser’s four, with positional changes with Max as lead, Mick Mutton second and John Denehey as third, proving a game winner.

Richard Harvey’s four, consisting of Ross Neal, John Farley and Archie Burt struggled early but gradually hit the front. In the meanwhile Peter Wright’s four of  Werner Laube, Tony Smith and Brian Johnstone had to battle to hang on in a shot for shot contest. Then, after 54 ends were played, hail and heavy rain put an end to any further play.

50 ends constituted a result and with Mark Prosser’s four being 11 shots up, Richard Harvey’s 4 shots up and Peter Wright’s one shot short, the 5th Division Team took out the 2014 Pennant.

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